Underwater Photosynthesis and Respiration

The name derives from 'Community In Situ MEtabolism', and is pronounced ‘kiss‐me’ to reflect the gentle interaction between the instrument and the coral/substrate.


In situ measurement of metabolic rates of reef corals and substrates measures O2 and ph changes during short incubations.
Determines respiration and photosynthesis rates in terms of 02 and CO2 fluxes.
Sample loops allow measurement of alkalinity and injection of chemical mediators.

Instrument Design

Electronics Housing: electronic components are contained in a pressure-resistant acrylic housing (80 m depth) connected by waterproof cables to the incubation flow‐sensor ‘head’.

Incubation Head: housing the sensors, pump, LED light source is attached by the user to the coral/substrate surface with special retractors.

Instrument Operation: CISME is operated with a proprietary Android app on a submersible Android tablet (not included) connected to the CISME by a WiFi cable.

Diver Portability: Instrument and underwater tablet together are ca. 5‐7 lbs negative UW.