MIMS for Photosynthesis and Respiration

Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer




Small Volumes

An Instrument Backed by Experience

Capabilities of the MIMS

Our MIMS instrument is the product of 30 years of experience conducting photosynthesis experiments using stable isotopes. Our turnkey instrument includes the PETREL quadrupole mass spectrometer with inlet attachment and pump down control. Cuvettes for MIMS analyses of microbe and chloroplast suspensions include Hansatech DW2/2 (1.5 ml) and DW3 (~15 ml) chambers with membrane adapter. The inlets can be configured with cryotraps. Custom software provides flexibility in observing signal trends, gas ratioing, and time-stamping treatments. Contact us for further information or a quote.

Contact us for further information or a quote.

A Bit of History

Bay Instruments offers a unique MIMS that is optimized for the challenging requirements of environmental science. We currently have instruments in 14 countries and numerous universities and research facilities throughout the United States. Our first installed instruments are still going strong, after 20 years. Our niche market for measurement of the dissolved air gases has been our emphasis and Bay Instruments remains close to the environmental science and oceanography communities. The N2/Ar technique for denitrification is effectively synonymous with the Bay Instruments’ MIMS. However, we are always open to new applications that would benefit from our MIMS solution. We have worked with industry and government laboratories (see Applications) developing new capabilities and applications. We have a track record of working with end-users and subsidizing feasibility projects prior to purchase commitments. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn’t. The Bay Instruments MIMS is the culmination of 25+ years of identifying, understanding and optimizing the technique for high precision, high accuracy, and high reliability. We make quadrupole mass spectrometers perform like high-performance isotope ratio mass spectrometers, from the data perspective, and at substantial savings. We have also assisted others in retrofitting their non-optimal MIMS instruments with our membrane inlet configuration. We believe in keeping it simple, which many of our clients appreciate. Nuances of the instrument and applications are many and our clients value our accumulated knowledge and expertise. Our membrane inlet mass spectrometers are optimized for the demands of environmental scientists who require very high precision dissolved gas measurements. They include built-in versatility for other membrane configurations or gas inlets. Bay Instruments integrates and augments quality Pfeiffer Vacuum quadrupole mass spectrometers (QMS) in its products. You can choose from PrismaPlus or HiQuad systems that we specify for your applications and requirements. We have extensive experience optimizing the membrane inlet and mass spectrometer operational conditions to provide the high precision demanded of our clients.