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MULTI-COLOR-PAM used to detect variable fluorescence of Photosystem I

Detecting variable fluorescence of PSI has been challenging because of the spectral overlap of PSII and PSI fluorescence. The versatile configuration of the MULTI-COLOR-PAM has allowed detection of PSI fluorescence using filter sets for long and short wavelength components of chlorophyll fluorescence. Drs. Schreiber and Klughammer report persuasive evidence of variable PSI fluorescence in green algae, cyanobacteria and green plant. The open source article can be found here.

Schreiber, U., Klughammer, C. Evidence for variable chlorophyll fluorescence of photosystem I in vivo. Photosynth Res (2021).

PAM Fluorometers & Photosynthesis Instruments

2030-B WALZ PAR Light and Temperature-sensing Leaf Clip

Bay Instruments is the exclusive USA and Canada representative for Walz instruments, systems and supplies in the United States and Canada. Bay Instruments can assist with selection, purchase, and technical support for the Walz entire line of highly sophisticated photosynthesis measuring systems.

Walz has systems and instruments for Chl variable fluorescence, light measurement and gas exchange research. Individual systems and instruments are available for terrestrial, suspension, aquatic and laboratory applications.

2030-B WALZ PAR Light and Temperature-sensing Leaf Clip
WALZ Submersible Spherical Quantum Sensor

US-SQS/L - In stock in US

US-SQS/L Submersible Spherical Quantum Sensor

For those missing experimental work due to COVID-19, and for all people being interested in how photosynthesis responds to sunlight and temperature, the WALZ website now publishes real time data from a MICRO-PAM monitoring system situated outdoors close to the home of WALZ company in Effeltrich, Germany.

The site displays the latest data set numerically and the record of the last 24 hours graphically.  In addition data of the past month can be downloaded. This link leads you to the MICRO-PAM web page.