Mobile IMAGING-PAM Chlorophyll Fluorometer (OUTDOOR Version)


    Mobile IMAGING-PAM Chlorophyll Fluorometer (OUTDOOR Version)

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    For field research on leaves, small plants, ground vegetation and photosynthetic crusts (2.4 x 3.2 cm).

    Based on the MINI Version IMAGING-PAM Chlorophyll Fluorometer.

    Includes a modified Multi Control Unit IMAG-CG, a highly sensitive IMAG-K6 camera with K6-MIN lens (F1.4/f=25 mm) mounted on an IMAG-MIN/B blue illumination unit which is equipped with a 35 cm long extension handle and trigger button. The system includes a tray carried by a pair of shoulder mounts and a hip belt. The IMAG-CG is mounted below the support tray which positions the system’s tablet computer at working distance in front of the user. The system further comprises a fully rugged tablet computer with 11.6-inch sunlightreadable touchscreen including spare batteries and external charger, plus 5 dark acclimation boxes of which the top can be opened by a slider and docking site for IMAG-MIN/B unit. Including ImagingWin GigE Software, Battery Charger 2120-N for charging internal Li-ion battery and Transport Box.